Alien Planet

A story broke this week regarding a new planet in the fabled “ Goldilocks zone” between the planet and a star. Interested, I clicked on the article eager to read the details. Full disclosure, I am grossly incompetent in most things science as far as the advanced analytic mathematics used to actually make discoveries. However I appreciate the benefits this work brings to us as a species.

To my chagrin, the subculture that lies in the comment reply system was utterly pissed off. I started noticing a pattern in the comments and wondered how our society became divided in something as objective as scientific discovery. Well the common themes were: Environmentalism is good, Obama anger, Bush Anger, Global Warming is fake, Global Warming is going to kill us all, Politics, Liberals are bad, NeoCons are bad, Religious is dumb, Science is blasphemous, Scientists are dumb,etc. I swear these are the same topics that come up when any news article is posted. Why is it that comments typically devolve into this?

Comments are an entertaining unfiltered view into the minds of my fellow human beings. Sometimes while sifting through the crap, I find a comment extremely insightful and full of intellectual substance. Why do these individuals bother posting when the majority of the commenters just spew out talking points they heard from whatever “group” they attribute themselves to? Once in a while I’m pessimistic and believe that these individuals are either venting or trying to feel self important by correcting the logical fallacies present in ongoing dialogue. However, I honestly think some people want try to help others see the correct view whether by opinion or by fact. I will sometimes seeing a calm Christian debating with a pissed off atheist or vice versa, without ever disrespecting the other individual. Eventually the conversation becomes more structured and intellectual substance forms from the primordial goo that it is the comment reply system.

I wonder if great ideas will one day come from this phenomenon, but in the meantime I wonder if anyone who happens to read this can describe any interesting conversations they have had while commenting on an article, video, or other internet real estate.


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