On modern video games

So I’ve finally gotten into current gen gaming after a 9 month hiatus from gaming altogether with my new job. Needless to say I suddenly feel antiquated. I was impressed by the immersive and giant worlds that some of the new games offered. From the unparalleled nooks and crannies exhibited in Batman Arkham Asylum, to the vast stretches of wilderness in Red Dead Revolver, I knew that that I was getting my money’s worth for each game.

However I suddenly realized that I simply did not have the free-time to complete these games to my heart’s content. Some games are so immense (Mass Effect 2) that I cannot even scratch the surface in the free time that I have available for a particular weak.  I find myself gravitating towards Super Street Fighter 4, Super Street Fighter 2 turbo HD Remix, and Street Fighter 3 3rd strike due to the thousands of hours I had invested in each respective title in my younger days. While I hardly consider these games “new” since they are remakes or regurgitations of familiar gameplay, they do have stellar arcade play. I wonder how long I will keep up with gaming.